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Copy9 is a powerfull Spy App for iPhone and / or Android phones, tablets and iPods. It is designed to protect your loved ones and yourself. It is easy to use once installed by viewing the target device’s activity via the Copy9 Dashboard. Read on for a full list of features. If you have any questions, you may find the answers in the FAQs or Contact Me if you need any more info.

Here, you can access you free download of Copy9 Phone Spy Software. Watch the video to see how to install Copy9 onto your phone or tablet. NOT SHOWN IN THE VIDEO – MAKE SURE YOU SIGN IN WITH THE COPY9 APP FIRST.

Upgrade to Premium or Gold Here

 I Can’t Wait, Take Me to The Official Copy9 Website NOW So I Can Download My Free App

Overview of Copy9 Features:

Here, you will see a full list below of all the best features that Copy9 has, There is also a brief description to each feature so you can know a little bit more about each one. You can see why people might use this app

  • View Mobile Phone Activity. Any Calls to and from the target device will be logged on your Dashboard. You can also RECORD all calls made or received.
  • View all SMS / Text Messages that are received and made . Many people use SMS messages these days. DELETED text messages will still be recorded. This is a MUST HAVE on any phone spy software.
  • Track the Device’s GPS location. All location history is recorded and you can view exactly where your target has been. You can see when and WHERE they have been on Google Maps.
  • Monitor social networks like Twitter, Facebook and What’s App. 80% of time spent on mobile phones is spent on Social Networks. Everything is recorded and logged on the Copy9 remote cell phone spy Dashboard
  • Use the Phone or Tablet as a BUG. This cool feature is fantastic and very James Bond. From your Dashboard, you can turn on (and off) their mic and camera. Their device becomes a bug.
  • See All Photos and videos taken and stored on the Device. You can view all and any photo taken, sent or stored on their phone or tablet. Basically, the photos and videos taken from the device’s camera and in their library get stored on your Dashboard.
  • View their contacts. All the target device’s contacts can be viewed by you. Some Countries have reverse look up services, so even spoof names or initials can be checked.
  • Check all Email (in and out). A lot of people who are out to deceive, use their phones or tablets to send and check their email. Now, YOU will be able to monitor ALL EMAIL ACTIVITY.
  • Monitor Web Browsing and History. All of the device’s web browsing is logged. So Every Site Visited on their device will be seen by you too. With your Copy9 Dashboard, you will be able to check ALL of their Web History at any time.
  • This is a completely Hidden App. It is like having a Clone of their Device on your computer, tablet or even YOUR phone. You can see all these features wherever YOU are and you don’t have to watch all of the time because everything IS RECORDED ON YOUR COPY9 DASHBOARD so you can check on them 1 OR 99 times a day, it’s up to you. Copy9 is completely undetectable to the user.

No need to hire an expensive private detective, technology has come a long way and for whatever reason YOU CAN KNOW THE TRUTH !!! Copy9 is easy to use and install. So why wait? Download your FREE App Now

There is nothing worse than having doubts and if you are in doubt, it is better to face up to the problem. CATCH THEM IN THE ACT with Copy9 or even better, have your mind put to rest.

Want a FREE computer / keystroke monitor? Contact Me and request Mac or PC

Cyber Bullying is on the rise. Protect your child!
Learn the Truth about Relationship Infidelity Here Spy App

Go Straight To the Official Copy9 Website to Get Your Free App

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Copy9 vs Highster Mobile

Copy9 vs Highster Mobile and the Others?

Copy9 is a fantastic Spy App but it has two drawbacks to me. Number 1 is the time it takes to contact them. However, this can be remedied. If you buy through my links I will offer you full support and will give you my Skype or Phone details if you would like them.

The second option is that after the trial period of Copy9, you will have to pay a monthly subscription rate. However. for the price of 3 months subscription, you can get Highster Mobile. It has a flat fee of $69 and you will own that App for life. I strongly recommend you think about getting Highster Mobile. It is the App that I have settled on using for my teenager. They are quick to respond to any queries you might have and also offer telephone support.

 Check Out Highster Mobile Pro Spy App – Click Here highster-mobile Spy App

IMPORTANT NEWS – Highster Mobile may be putting their prices up soon. So if you are thinking about getting it ACT NOW before it’s too late – CLICK HERE

Of course, if you only think you will need a Spy App for a short period of time, say a month or two, then Copy9 would be best for you.

As for as all the other Mobile phone Spy Software is concerned, nothing else is as much value and many of them are nowhere near as good. I have tested some products that charge the same for a month as buying Highster Mobile outright and I can tell you for sure that there is no value to be had there in any way at all.

Computer Spy Bot

Another good way to protect yourself or your loved ones is by installing Computer Spy Bot. This will log all activity on a computer (Windows only). People don’t just use their mobiles to cheat.  You can get your FREE version HERE

Signs of infedelity

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Copy9 Install install

Copy9 Install

Before you perform a copy9 install GO HERE and sign up at the top with the yellow button – Very Easy

First of all there are two important factors when installing Copy9 to your iPhone or iPad. First, they have to be Jailbroken and Secondly – YOU MUST HAVE PHYSICAL ACCESS TO THE DEVICE. You must also have the target iPhone or iPad connected to the web.  WiFi, 4g, 3g or GPRS are all good but of course WiFi or 4g are faster.   I’ve scoured the net and I’ve only found two ways to remotely install but you’ll have to contact me if you want to know more. Please watch the video below to learn how to do an iPhone or iPad Copy9 install:



If your iDevice is not Jailbroken you will need to do this first. If you don’t know how to do it then the quickest and easiest way is to download this program CLICK HERE for more details. If you are stuck on how to Jailbreak a device that belongs to someone else, then contact me as I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Go to the CONTACT ME PAGE

Installing Copy9 on to an Android Device

The Copy9 Install process on an Android is very easy and it does not have to be Rooted although it will if you want to use the What’s App Spy feature. Again – YOU MUST HAVE PHYSICAL ACCESS TO THE DEVICE to install Copy9 as well as a connection to the internet, be it WiFi (preferable), 4g, 3g or GPRS. Please watch the video below for a tutorial to learn how to install copy9 on to an Android phone or Android Tablet:

The whole process takes about two minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

GO HERE to sign up for your Free Account if you haven’t already

Learn How To Bypass The Lock Screen

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Copy9 – My Final Thoughts

My Final Thoughts

There are many Spy Apps and Mobile Phone Spy Software on the market and I have tested quite a lot of them. I have found Copy9 to be one of the best and easiest to use Cell Spy Apps there is. My final thoughts are that Copy9 are:

My Final Thoughts – Pros

  • Copy9 is an easy to download Spy App. This is important as many of the other Cell Spy Software can be very difficult to set up.
  • The Copy9 Dashboard is very intuitive and you will not need to learn how to use it, it’s self explanatory.
  • It’s so easy to spy on text messages, see exactly where the person has been using mobile tracking on Google Maps.
  • Copy9 is the most inexpensive Software for Cell Phone Spying for short to medium term usage.
  • Copy9 uses the most up to date Cell Spy Technology.
  • Gives you peace of mind where teenagers are concerned
  • If you are in doubt over a relationship YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH for better or worse.
  • Fully integrates and records with Social Media.

My Final Thoughts – Cons

  • Slow Customer Support with Copy9.
  • No ‘Chat Now’ feature.
  • No Skype contact details.
  • No telephone number for Copy9
  • The Costs can mount up if used over a long period of time.

How to Rectify The Cons

I am an independent person who reviews tech, mainly mobile related. I run this website at my own expense but I do however get a small commission if and when you sign up for or buy through my links. If you do sign up and buy through my site, I will guarantee that I will help you with any issues you may have to the best of my abilities. Unlike  other websites, I will talk to you through Skype or by phone to help you.

If you intend to use a Spy App for a long period of time, then I strongly recommend you get HIGHSTER MOBILE

Sign Up For Your Free Access To Copy9


Get Highster Mobile HERE highster-mobile Spy Spy App

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